Your Customer Service Savvy

Knowing Your Customers Inventory

Real estate is no longer a “numbers game”. To succeed in today’s competitive market place, you must offer superior customer service. “Hunt ’em, tell ’em, and sell ’em” is dead. Attraction based sales oriented around the consumer rather than the agent is the key for the new millennium. Take the following inventory to determine the level of service you provide.


_____ 1. I do an in-depth interview with each potential client before I begin to work with them.

_____ 2. I customize my service to meet each client’s individual needs.

_____ 3. When I work with buyers and sellers, I focus on benefits rather than features.

_____ 4. I can name at least five things for each of my present clients that they have told me that are important to them.

_____ 5. It is extremely unusual for one of my clients to become angry with me or to refuse to work with me in the future.

_____ 6. When I close a transaction, I ask or survey my clients what I can do to improve my service in the future.

_____ 7. My past clients refer new business to me on a regular basis.

_____ 8. I know who my clients are and specifically market to one or more niches.

_____ 9. I know the difference between a customer, a client, and a consumer in the real estate business, and how to meet the needs of each one.

_____10. I have a strong support team (finance, title, inspections, etc.) that makes it easy for my customers throughout our entire transaction.

____ 11. I have both “bread and butter” clients as well as clients for “big ticket” houses.


9-11 True: Congratulations! You currently provide an excellent level of customer service to your clients.

6-8 True: You’re on the road to giving excellent service. You can increase your repeat business by implementing at least three of the items on the list.

3-5 True: One of the “major gaps” in your business is customer service. By implementing at least five of the suggestions on this list, you will be making a sound investment in keeping your existing clients as well as generating future referrals. To move into the 7% who do 93% of the business, you’ll need a score of least 9 on this inventory.

0-2 True: If you are seriously considering staying in the real estate business, you need to make a major shift in how you conduct your business. As the business becomes increasingly more competitive, the agents who provide the highest levels of service will be the ones doing the business. The decision you need to make is, will you be in the 7% who do 93% of the business or will you be struggling with the 93% who are scrapping over 7% of the business. Customer service is what will make the difference.

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