The Top 10 Things a Professional Realtor Can Do for You

  1. Obtain and qualify prospects, eliminating professional lookers and non-qualified prospects.
  2. Diplomatically handle objections and overcome them.
  3. Assist in helping both the Seller and the Buyer navigate through the complex world of financing.
  4. Follow up with prospects without weakening your position.
  5. Handle the sale of your buyer’s house if they need to sell prior to purchasing.
  6. Explain closing costs.
  7. Know how to validate your asking price to the Buyer.
  8. Relieve you of having to stay home to wait for Buyer’s phone calls or for showings.
  9. Screen buyers prior to showing your property.
  10. Guide you through the closing process, including inspections, disclosures, obtaining flood hazard and hazardous materials information, assist in obtaining permits, assist the appraiser in valuing the property at the price where it sold, as well as a variety of other issues that may occur in any given transaction.

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