The Top 10 Reasons Experienced Agents Relocate

To be an effective manager and recruiter, it’s important to know what drives experienced sales people to change offices. Being able to spot the times when the competition is “vulnerable” will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts.

  1. Change in the office environment (e.g. change in office policies, change in branch manager, change in office location etc.)
  2. Change in the commission structure including the addition of fees.
  3. Change in the company’s structure including a change in ownership, merger, change to or from a national franchise, or change in senior management
  4. Personal conflict with the manager or another sales associate.
  5. Perceived financial problems of the company.
  6. Competition has a greater market share.
  7. Inadequate support systems including motivation, training, the processing of listings and sales, plus management support and guidance.
  8. Lack of agent recognition.
  9. Lack of potential growth or opportunities for advancement.
  10. Agent has an “off” year and believes a change would be “nice”.

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