The Self-Care Test

Interested in Attracting More Business?
Self-Care is an Important Key

Ever have dinner with a friend or acquaintance who spent most of the time on their cell phone instead of enjoying their meal? Do you know people who cancel time with their family and friends to go on business appointments? Do you know people who are so stressed out they are difficult to be around? (Do any of these descriptions sound like you?) In each case, these individuals are not practicing “self-care”. Customers and clients have enough stress when buying or selling a home, that they don’t need additional stress caused by an agent who is sick or edgy because the agent fails to take adequate care of themselves. Take the inventory below to determine how well you care for yourself. People who are healthy and happy attract clients more easily than those who are repeatedly ill or stressed out.

Answer Each Item True or False.

  1. When others look at me, it’s clear to them that I’m in excellent health.
  2. I’ve been to dentist in the last six months.
  3. I take good care of myself physically: I eat the right foods, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep.
  4. I have an annual physical as well as seeing a doctor or other health care provider when necessary.
  5. I seldom have headaches, backaches, or pain anywhere in my body.
  6.  I wear clothes I love and that make me feel good.
  7. I take time every day to do at least two things for myself that make me feel great.
  8. I treat myself as least as well as I treat others.
  9. I get enough sleep. I almost never feel tired or worn out.
  10. I seldom feel “down” or “depressed”.
  11. I’m surrounded by people who support me in all that I do.
  12. I seldom raise my voice or become angry.
  13. I am extremely grateful for all the good things I have in my life.
  14. I have a strong sense of community and connection.
  15. I have strong relationships with both friends and family.
  16. I don’t allow people in my life (friends, family, or colleagues) who drain me of my time, energy, or resources.
  17. The people I am closest to have happy and fulfilling lives.
  18. I have what I truly need.
  19. My home environment is perfect for me.
  20. I love my work and find it fulfilling.
  21. I enjoy spending time at home.
  22. The people in my work environment think highly of me.
  23. There is no one that I would hate to run into at a party or other event.
  24. My office area is neat and well organized.
  25. I have sufficient time to accomplish whatever goals I set.
  26. I put aside enough money to be prepared for emergencies.
  27. My retirement plan will allow me to retire with ample income.
  28. I feel appreciated by the people in my life.

Scoring and Interpretation

Give yourself one point for each answer you marked “True”.

25-28 Your present lifestyle and habits support both business and personal success. High levels of self-care are critical in attracting clients. You are organized, handle your time well, take good care of yourself, have a strong connection with others, and have adequate reserves to meet emergencies. Very few people manage to achieve what you have—congratulations!

20-24 For the most part, you have a strong foundation on which to build your attraction-based business. Look back at items you marked “false” on the inventory. Begin working on these items to shift them to “true”. With each item you can shift to “true”, you increase your “attractiveness” to customers and clients. Also, notice if there is a pattern to some of the items you marked as “false”. For example, if you are very organized, but don’t have time to spend with friends and family, you may want to work on creating “reserves” of time and money. If you are struggling in a given area, hiring a coach can help.

15-19 Your business is probably being impacted by your lack of self-care. The odds are high that you are experiencing stress due to inadequate amounts of organization, time, and money. You may also lack support from the people in your environment. You can begin working on improving your self-care (and hence, your attractiveness to customers and clients), by working on shifting as many items as possible from “false” to “true”. Since you are looking at making substantial changes, working with a coach is a highly recommended way to speed up the process.

0-14 Your lack of self-care probably has you on the road to stress-related illness. (Latest research suggests cancer and heart disease both have stress-related triggers). Without profound changes, your business will continue to be a struggle and ultimately, so may your health. If you haven’t already done so, take the Adrenaline Inventory to learn how to eliminate adrenaline from your life and to dramatically reduce stress. Because there are so many areas where you need to make shifts, we strongly recommend hiring a coach to guide you through the changes you need to make to increase attraction and to have a more balanced and happy life.
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