The Bad Habit Monster

Are Self Defeating Habits Defeating Your Business?

Struggling to make your business successful? Do you attract good customers and clients only to lose them along the way? You may be sabotaging your business without even being aware of what you are doing. Take the self-test below to find out.
Answer the following questions “True” or “False”

  1.  I often promise Sellers more than I can deliver when I list their home.
  2. I often find myself missing deadlines or turning in paperwork late.
  3. When I list a property, I give the sellers a written marketing plan including dates. I almost always complete every item on the marketing plan on schedule.
  4. If I have a price reduction on one of my listings, I call back all the brokers who have shown the property to let them know the property has been reduced.
  5. I call back my open house leads after every open house I hold.
  6. If I received a call to go on a listing appointment in 30 minutes, I would have no trouble being prepared since my listing presentation is already complete except for the comparable sales.
  7. I have at least one customer or client I really should “fire”.
  8. I have a hard time getting rid of people who drain me of my time and my energy.
  9. When a customer or client strongly disagrees with my pricing on a property, I often get into an argument because I know I’m right.
  10. When a customer loses their temper over an inspection report or something that has nothing to do with me personally, I still feel hurt when they take their anger out on me.
  11. My income last year was 90% or more of what I projected it would be.
  12. When I start a new prospecting program, I stay with it a minimum of six months to really find out if it works.
  13. In the last year, I have at least four projects I started but never finished.
  14. I seldom make the same mistake twice.
  15. I believe in the old adage: If you keep doing the same thing you keep getting the same results.


On items 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13
Give yourself 1 point for each item you answered “TRUE”

On items 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, and 15
Give yourself 1 point for each item you answered “FALSE”


0-3: Congratulations! Your habits strongly support your business. You learn from your mistakes, are realistic about what services you can deliver, and you follow through and complete what you start.

4-7: Your business will probably experience a major improvement if you eliminate some of the self-defeating habits and replace them with some of the positive suggestions in this inventory. Even eliminating as few as one or two can produce dramatic results.

8 or above: Many of your present habits are undermining your business. Review the inventory. Can you incorporate some of the positive suggestions above as well as eliminating those habits that really do not support you? Hiring a coach can help.

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