Communication Skills Inventory

Answer each of the following questions “yes” or “no” to find out how your communication skills measure up.

_____ 1. When you work with a client, do you have a specific strategy you use to determine what is most important to the client?

_____ 2. When someone else is talking, do you show a genuine interest in what the person is saying?

_____ 3. Are you naturally curious about people and do you ask questions showing a true interest?

_____ 4. Are you usually accurate in reading the moods and emotions of others?

_____ 5. Do you ask prospects about their wants, needs, and desires?

_____ 6. When you explain something to a client, do you ask for feedback? Do you ask such questions as, “Am I making myself clear? Does this make sense?”

_____ 7. Do you feel comfortable letting the other person have their say? In other words, do you avoid interrupting others?

_____ 8. When someone disagrees with your viewpoint, do you have to prove you are right and they are wrong?

_____ 9. Do you ask for clarification from others? In other words, do you ask questions about the meaning of what has been said?

_____ 10. Are you familiar with the stylistic differences in male and female communication?

_____ 11. When someone asks you a question, do you give an honest direct answer, even if there may be negative consequences for you? In other words, do you always tell the truth?

_____ 12. When you work with clients, do you avoid using broker jargon?

_____ 13. Are you able to accurately interpret nonverbal communication signals?

_____ 14. Do you alter your style of communicating to match your client’s style of communicating?

_____ 15. Can you explain how your communication style would vary when you are working with an accountant as opposed to a writer?

_____ 16. Are you an accurate judge as to when someone is telling the truth or lying?

_____ 17. Are you empathetic with your clients and co-workers, even when their concerns are totally unjustified?

_____ 18. Are you able to avoid “selling your clients” since you are totally unattached to the outcome?

_____ 19. Are you able to stay neutral and calm, even when others are totally “losing it” around you?

_____ 20. Are you taking full advantage of the technological changes in today’s real estate market?


Give yourself 0 points for each “no” answer and 4 points for each “yes” answer.


  • 0-40:  Poor
  • 44-60: Needs Improvement
  • 64-72: Good
  •  76 or More: Excellent

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