Never Take the Gift of Today for Granted

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Gratitude | 0 comments


Recently, a dear friend lost her cousin who had gone out to help a friend change his tire on the interstate. He was killed by a semi who hit him and kept on going.

The same day, two of our neighbors couldn’t make a dinner we had planned. Four couples who were their long-time friends were on their dream trip to Australia. While the four women went shopping, the guys were heading out to an island to do some scuba diving. Their plane crashed and all four men were killed. Our friends were devastated, however, we can’t even begin to comprehend what those four widows were experiencing.

Often we get busy and forget to take the time to express our love and appreciation to those who matter most to us. Losses like the ones above are an important reminder to never take the gift of today or those we love for granted.







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