Avoid a First-Come, First-Serve Mentality


Most agents respond to their clients on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.” A better approach is to focus your efforts on those clients who are closest to writing an offer or listing their property.

One of the most important steps you can take in today’s tough market is to review what’s in your pipeline at least once weekly. A critical part of this process is to constantly track which of your clients are closest to signing a listing or writing an offer. Make these clients your highest priority.

Moreover, if you have unrealistic sellers or buyers who are wasting your time, decide whether continuing to allocate time to them or referring them to someone else is the best strategy.

Listing Time Is Almost Here


Did you know the month that a seller lists their home affects their bottom line? Depending upon the weather, the sellers will sell faster and net the most money if they list their home in March. If you’re being hammered with snow right now, the best time for your market may be the first week in April.

How can you determine the best timing? Look for a significant increase in the number of new listings, usually sometime in February. The time to have your sellers list is several weeks later when this initial rush has passed and there is not as much competition.

To take advantage of this fact, pull together your social media, video, and print marketing campaigns, get in touch with past clients now, and make sure you’re in contact with the top people in your sphere (5 a day will yield 150 per month) each month. Remember, the first agent who meets with the seller face-to-face when they’re ready to list is the one who gets the listing.

One more thing. In case you didn’t know this, NAR says the best day to list a house is on Friday.

Our Birthday Wish for You – Make Memories


Each year Byron and I celebrate what we call “festival month,” the month between our two birthdays. It’s a reminder how precious our time with family and friends is as well as how quickly the years fly by.

As I look back over the years, the one thing I would do over would be to spend more time with the people I’m closest too rather than events just to take out another client. Today I can’t even remember those people’s names. What I do remember, however, are those times where I did take the time to create special memories with loved ones.

So, our wish for you is that you take time to create a special memory today and every day. You and your loved ones will be glad that you did.

How Dependable Are You?


Dependability is one of the most critical factors needed for real estate success. When an agent is dependable, you can count on them to do what they say they will do, show up on time for appointments, and to follow-up on what they promise. They utilize their time wisely and keep focused on the job at hand.

When agents lack dependability, they lack effective time management skills, allow interruptions to disrupt important activities, and often fail to make good on what they promise. If you want more clients for your business, dependability is a must.

If you need to upgrade how dependable you are, a great place to start is by always leaving at least ten minutes early for every appointment. If you’re waiting for your clients, use that time to listen to informative podcasts, do a quick Facebook or Instagram post to one of your clients, or take a quick video to send to your clients about a timely topic.

Off to Real Estate Connect in New York City


Real Estate Connect in New York City promises to one of the most important events of the year. AI is transforming every part of our business and one of the founders of ChatGpt will be on stage with Brad Inman to discuss the ramifications of this rapidly evolving technology.

Another major topic will be the commission lawsuits. I just finished a rather scathing article for Inman which I hope will run next week. (It will be in the next edition of RealClues.) As of January 17, another copycat lawsuit was filed naming 36 defendants in California including many of the largest brokerages in the state, all the MLSs in the areas in which the plaintiffs did business, as well as CAR and a number of local associations.

The rest of the agenda looks amazing, and I am happy to announce that Kenya Burrell-Van Wormer and Kat Winston who were featured in last week’s RealClues will also be on the main stage at Connect.

Of course, one of the best things about being in the Big Apple is that next week is restaurant week—looking forward to sampling some of the best of the best food in Manhattan.