Get Your Priorities Straight


How do you decide what to do when you have a conflict between two appointments? Whenever you have a conflict, here’s a simple approach that shows you how to decide which appointment should have top priority.

    1. Your top priority must always be any client who has a property under contract. This is your money in the bank. It’s better to cancel a buyer appointment than it is to lose a deal that is already under contract.
    2. Your second priority is servicing your current listing inventory. These sellers have committed to work exclusively with you and deserve your highest degree of attention.
    3. Your third priority is warm seller leads. Listings are still the name of the game. If you must decide between a listing appointment and taking out buyers, the best bet is to go on the listing appointment.
    4. Your fourth priority is going on listing appointments and of equal importance, prospecting for new leads. Never miss your prospecting time unless you would have cancelled a listing appointment under the same circumstances.
    5. Buyer leads are your lowest priority.

There is one very big exception. A whopping 58 percent of all buyers own a property they are living in. Consequently, when you receive a buyer lead, always check if they own a property. If they do, contact them immediately—the reason? According to NAR, the first agent who meets with them face-to-face gets the listing 80 percent of the time. Make sure that agent is you!

Keep Your Standards High


Given that the current rate of sales for November 2022 was 4.03 million annually (down 33 percent from the pace in 2021), maintaining high standards is more important than ever.

When times are tough and you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may be tempted to bend the rules, tolerate unacceptable behavior, or work with clients you would never work with under normal circumstances.

There’s an old expression that says, “When you lie with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get up with fleas.”

The choice is simple—only work with people who are honest, ethical, and who are not dysfunctional. The cost to your peace of mind and integrity is simple not worth doing anything less.

A Powerful New Year’s Resolution: Touch It Once


The first week of 2023 had come and gone—so have many of our New Year’s resolutions. Nevertheless, here is one simple change you can make this year that will yield tremendous results.

When you receive an email, anything in print via U.S. mail, or any other paper item, the goal is to handle each item immediately by completing it, delegating it, or dumping it.

To keep you on track, when it comes to paper items such as bills, place a red mark on each item that you touch more than once. In other words, if you don’t handle the item immediately when you touch it for the first time, place a big red mark on it.

For items such as email, if you don’t handle it the first time you read it, highlight the first line in red. It won’t take long to realize how often you are handling the same pieces of paper or digital communication over and over. What you’ll really appreciate is all the extra time you save.

Kick off 2023 with this Great Opportunity


As we begin 2023, you have already seen the headlines stating the rate of home sales has dropped for the last 10 months in a row. I also saw two recent headlines last week saying that what’s ahead will be worse than it was from 2007-2009.

I’ve have experienced four major downturns since I was first licensed. What’s fascinating to me is that the downturns were the times I had my very best years. Regardless of what the market does, there are always situations where people must move, whether they want to or not.

Our good friend Brad McDaniel, the CEO and founder of Likely.Ai, is currently offering their Database Refresh report at NO CHARGE. This report will let you see who in your database sold most recently as well as who their AI’s (artificial intelligence algorithm) says will be most likely to sell in the next 90-180 days.

This tool is fantastic, and I highly urge you to take advantage of this as way to do business while other agents are trying to figure out what to do.

Have a great week and a fantastic 2023!

With Gratitude for Your Readership and Support in 2022


This is our last blog post for 2022. On behalf of our entire team, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for you and your readership this year. We are extremely grateful and look forward to continuing to serve you in 2023 as well. We’ll be back January 2, 2023, ready to hit the ground running.

On a more personal note, please take time to make as many special memories as possible this holiday season. You never know how special those memories may be years or even decades in the future.

Wishing you and yours we our warmest best wishes for good health, joy, happiness, abundance, and all the best that life has to offer.

Happy Holidays!