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Who's the Best Person to Sell My House?

Waging War on Real Estate's Discounters Postcard Marketing Campaign

If you want sellers to call you before they list with discounters, we have a brand new postcard marketing campaign that will make it much harder for discounters to ace you out of the listing. This program is beautiful. (Includes 5 copies of the booklet.)
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For Agents:

Waging War on Real Estate's Discounters

Who's the Best Person to Sell My House?

List & Sell Real Estate Like Crazy

Get Balanced or Get Crazy

For Brokers-Owners & Managers:

Waging War on Real Estate's Discounters

Who's the Best Person to Sell My House?

Coach Your Real Estate Agents Like Crazy

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Who's the Best Person to Sell My House?

Agents and Managers:
Knock out your listing competition!
Who's the Best Person to Sell My House?

Who's the Best Person is a 50-page guide to choosing the best person to represent the seller. If you are committed to providing the best to your sellers, order today.

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Here are a few ways to use Who's the Best Person to gain more listings and defeat competitors:

1. Customize the back of each copy of WTBP with your name, phone number, and company logo using your company label. (Any printer can easily create a label for you with your personal information.)

2. Prepare a list of your Personalized Premium Marketing Plan using the tables in Who's the Best Person. All you have to do is to check off the services that you provide in the booklet or you make a separate list that you include on your stationery. Remember, the people you are competing against are not usually very good at describing their value proposition. In fact, most are unable to explain anything more than "We discount."

4. Use the strategies outlined in Waging War and make that listing yours!

5. Who's the Best Person is also a terrific tool for converting FSBOs (it gives 29 key decisions each FSBO must face. If that doesn't scare them, you don't want to work with them anyway.) It's also great for helping owners of expired listings understand why their property did not sell. Most importantly, Who's the Best Person is a tool that you can use on every listing presentation since it helps you to clearly distinguish your services from those provided by competitors.

A New Strategy for Converting More FSBO Listings

One of the best strategies for converting FSBOs is to use what is known as an "Oh-by-the-Way Kit." The strategy is to avoid asking the seller for the listing. Instead, your goal is to earn the right to receive the seller's referral business by providing them with tools that can help them sell their property. Click here to read the complete article in PDF format.

Learn how to capture expired listings at a full commission.

The full service side of the business has allowed companies with so-called new business models to define real estate services as being exclusively about commissions. The constant blitz of advertising saying, "We charge less!" has lead many consumers to focus only on price rather than value. Click here to read the complete article in PDF format.

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